In Latin America, governments in Chile and Peru will be screening the film this week, with youth activists from 100 Million in both countries, as well as in Brazil, showing the film in local communities all around their countries. Further screenings are being held in Argentina, Panama, and Colombia.

Santiago, Chile

In Santiago, young people from 100 Millones Chile, supported by Corporación Opción, made the case to end child labour to ministers as part of our week of global action. Young people of all ages met with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, resulting in renewed commitments from ministers to end child labour and ensure every child receives their right to quality education.

This was followed a week later by a ministerial screening of The Price of Free. Hosted by Corporación Opción and the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, the screening was attended by over 100 youth activists, campaigners and government representatives, with Under-Secretary Juan Carlos Silva addressing the audience in advance of the screening.



Colón, Panama

Students in Colón are the first to join the global screening of The Price of Free in Panama! IDEMI Panama organised a day of campaign training in advance the film screening. Many students came away from the film feeling outraged at the level of exploitation suffered by children and young people, and have committed to take further action for the 100 Million campaign. Further screenings are taking place in Colón and in Panama City.




The national youth committee of 100 Millones Peru has commenced an outreach programme to launch local-level committees across the country. The first screening was hosted by the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Lima, and has already been followed by a weekend of activities in Huánuco. A new 100 Millones campaign group was established, and a workshop on child labour in Peru was organised alongside the screening of The Price of Free.